Fashion at the Art Gallery

Photo: ©Desiree Hernandez
Photo: ©Desiree Hernandez

I am an art enthusiast.  I love attending art exhibits at galleries and museums.  When it comes to fashion exhibitions at these institutions, it is typically the history of a fashion genre, designer, or culture.  Rarely do you see an event with current contemporary designers exhibiting what’s culturally relevant today. 

The one exception is the current exhibition at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery.  The Black Dress: Ten Contemporary Fashion Designers exhibition celebrates the innovative work of ten up-and-coming and established New York-based black fashion designers.  This is a market that, despite their influence and success, remains underrepresented in the fashion industry.  Michelle Tay’s article and slideshow, Pratt Exhibition Spotlights African American Fashion Design |, highlights the exhibition from each of the 10 designers.

Fashion Exhibition at Gallery

The E D G E concept understands the emerging designer market and the need for a unique exhibition experience.  The gallery or museum venue as a contemporary fashion exhibition represents a new b2b connection in this industry.  Think of the boutique mindset retailer who is looking for those non-mainstream collections that may appreciate this creative environment to find those up-and-coming brands.

Feature Image: Narci Lee, designer, upcycle skirt

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Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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