Fashion on La Brea

La Brea is E D G E material – mostly mens urban stores but out of the box thinking.  Vertical retailing at its best, keeping everything in house, from design to production to floor presentation.  Brands that have control of their image, collections, and merchandising show a finesse and optimal visual presence in retailing.  More importantly they are direct to consumer.  To put this shopping block into perspective, American Rag is what I call an anchor establishment, here.  Good retail stores that fit the E D G E profile in this 100 South block area on La Brea are kellycole, Black Scale, and General Quarters Store.  These emerging designers took control of their destiny and became independent retailers.

IMG_20140311_142858_091I found General Quarters very unique in adding a barbershop service in the rear of the store.  Yes, retailers have to define their niche.  Think about what a great concept this is and what you have to do to get to and from the barbershop??

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