E D G E Top Principles for Success

Artist: Flewnt, EDGExpo.com Artist: Flewnt

During my many years as a buyer and merchandising executive, I got to know and observe a variety of successful designers and brands from around the country.  Many of these designers were emerging designers, others were well on to becoming established, yet all of them were fast on their way to making not only national but international reputations.  I often noticed that these successful brands all had similar business traits and habits.  It became clear to me that this framework of similar habits and professionalism was the foundation for the continuing success of these brands.

E D G E Top Principle Series for Success begins next with Principle #1.

Stay tuned. . .

About the image. . .I met this Venice Beach artist, Flewnt, at this year’s Los Angeles Art Fair.  He was showing at the Lawrence Cantor Fine Art gallery.  I like his work and obviously connected to this piece.  He was ok with me taking a photo of his work and I feel honored to share it with you.