Top Principles for Success #1 Know Your Brand


I spent some time recently in Santa Barbara California with retailer, Akomplice.  I was there to gather input from an independent retailer who fits the EDGE retailer profile and epitomizes “know your brand”. I mean this in the purest way right down to the engaging conversation with Jordan Houze.  Jordan’s passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm about the brand and what it stands for was not only captivating but manifested a connection and meaning behind the brand.

Branding is the Big Picture.  Branding is the sum of all impressions one has of your business.

EDGE-Principles EDGE-Principles

A few examples are: the quality and detail of your seasonal collections; public relations and news about the organization; social media output; your name and graphic or visual identity.  You need to deliver a consistently on-target brand EDGE-Principlesexperience across all consumer touch points, such as web, media, print, and product.


Akomplice stands behind their brand ethos – “evolution through innovation”.  Your brand should be consistent in standing for something.

This principle sounds easy and straightforward but in fact it takes a lot of introspection and work to create your vision, believe in it and be true to your brand.

Stay tuned for Principle #2 Know Your Market.   Are you part of the EDGE movement?  Contact us at, or leave a comment.

All Photos ©Desiree Hernandez

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