Fashion Remains One of the Most Under‐Appreciated Industries in Los Angeles


  • More Than $46 Billion in Apparel Enters Los Angeles as Imports
  • Local Companies Capture More Than $18 Billion in Revenues; $6.4 Billion Flows to Local Workers
  • 3,770 Independent Fashion Designers Work in Los Angeles, Earning About $35 an Hour in the Los Angeles Metro Area
  • Industry Helps Los Angeles Beat National Employment Trends with Increases of 3.2% Year-Over-Year

According to the “L.A. Area Fashion Industry Profile” [commissioned by CIT and the California Fashion Association] report, the success of Los Angeles’ apparel industry has long been driven by the pull of design talent, favorable cost economics, the appeal of L.A. fashion and speed to market.  However, while the city’s access to seaports and airports provides a strong advantage for imports coming into the United States from East Asia and Central America, the lack of Los Angeles-based fashion shows (typically associated with fashion “meccas” like New York and Paris) limits public awareness of the strength of the industry.  What’s more, fashion trends emanating from Los Angeles tend to focus on active wear and not the high-fashion design typically associated with runway shows.

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Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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