Creativity and the Hot Rod Culture

What do classic cars have in common with EDGE?  The visionaries behind the end product [the classic car owners and emerging designers] start with a blank canvas,  are creative, innovative, and daring. Through their passion for what they do they give us what we never thought was possible.

Thousands turned out for the 4th annual Classics on the Coast Car Show [September 6 2014] , in the coastal downtown city of Ventura California.

As many as 300 classic vehicles were on display.  I applaud the amazing work and dedication of these car owners of which took years to accomplish.  What we took in: hot colors with unique and unexpected body and interior combinations; shiny and satin finishes, and the shapes and curves of those cars that told the story as the sign of their times.

0906141452 0906141446b0906141447 0906141505We met Johnny Martinez, the owner of the 1929 Ford Model ‘A’.  He has been HOTRODDING for over 20 years. “I bought it a basket and started from nothing”, he said in an interview by Dustin Troyan of DrivenWorld magazine. He goes on to say he has had 42 wins in 49 months including the prized The Grand National Roadster Show, 2013 award. 

The completion of this fine work has exposed him to other avenues of sharing his passion in the car culture. Congratulations Johnny!

"Wicked In Suede", owner Johnny Martinez.
“Wicked In Suede” 1929 Ford Model ‘A’, owner Johnny Martinez.

What is creativity? This car show was an inspiring visual of having passion, determination, and vision of creating something and bringing it to life. That is what these classic car owners did and is what every true artist does. EDGE designers stay focused and true to your vision. Give us something we never thought was possible.

Photos by Rhonda Hill, Ventura California, September 2014

Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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