EDGE Gets Its Kicks

The  sneaker world inspires me from the technological advances the giants like Nike and adidas  develop. . .

Nike Vapor Laser Talon 3D-printed football boots
Nike Vapor Laser Talon 3D-printed football boots: De Zeen Magazine

Fashion and technology: sports brands like Nike and adidas have been leading “technological innovation” in shoe design but the fashion industry is finally beginning to wake up to the possibilities of digital technologies, says Rem D Koolhaas, co-founder of footwear brand United Nude (+ interview).  read more at de zeen magazine

. . .  to the Rick Owens’ stepdance performance in lieu of a runway show. . .


. . .to the artisan and craftsmanship the emerging Japanese design house Hender Scheme empowers.

Aged Hender Scheme sneakers | Image: havenshop.ca

Ryo Kashiwazaki, the creative director, has a design philosophy on creating beautiful, hand crafted leather products that age with the unique character and individuality of its wearer.  “He goes against the traditional notion of discarding items as they age. There is a certain satisfaction and appreciation derived from wearing a pair of Hender Scheme sneakers for an extended period of time, slowly observing the way they develop a life and character of their user”, as reported by Haven Apparel Inc.

The sneaker shoe  sector has advanced innovation through technology more so than the apparel business.  The trend to more technological initiatives in materials, particularly in response to sustainable fashion, is a good thing.  Emerging designers are leveraging innovation through the use of experimentation, artistry, and technology.  The EDGE mission is to go beyond the consumer’s expectations, have the courage to shake up the status quo,  and to create sustainable original products.

Bata Shoe Museum's Out of the Box exhibition The Rise of Sneaker Culture. Gloria Nieto,The Globe and Mail
Bata Shoe Museum’s Out of the Box exhibition The Rise of Sneaker Culture. Gloria Nieto,The Globe and Mail

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Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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