The Making of a Fashion Show. . .

Models Rehearsal

. . . as witnessed at the recent LA Fashion Week Concept LA show.  This was not your ordinary ‘runway’ event.  The visual execution, although not a new concept, was museum/galleryesque staging where the models artistically posed as mannequins with a choreographed movement.  This was tastefully presented by the Camila X Castillo show.

This artist [yes, fashion design is an art form] uses the mannequin like process in creating her line as is stated –

I believe that the process is as vital in the creation as the results. That’s why I have included photographs of my work indifferent stages of their creation on the mannequin, illustrating -I believe- how my clothes come to be –

Above:  Images of the Rehearsal

Below:  Images of the Show

Congratulations Camila X Castillo!