The Changing Africa-China Fashion Dynamic

By Ivana Stojkovic

Twitter: @ivawriting

Manufacturing in China is one of its biggest sectors, thanks to an impressive variety of products and services it offers; including everything that falls in the category of fashion. Approximately 80 percent of China’s exports consist of manufactured goods, and most of which constitute textiles and apparel (Intracen). On the other hand, China also offers the world potentially the largest retail markets for clothing worth $187 billion as of 2013 (Fung Group). Despite its global dominance in fashion, various reports suggest certain that fundamental shifts are underway for the Chinese apparel industry that will bring it head on with Africa.

According to the Blue Book report of CEIBS-Jing’ an International Fashion Industry Research Centre (2014-2015), China is ready to move its clothing industry from a manufacturing-centred to a more design-focused field. “Chinese brands need to establish our own value, and in…

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