Emerging designers and the Italian story as told by les assorties’.

Milan is known as a high-fashion capital. Are new designers following in the same style or taking a more contemporary approach?

New designers are living in an era in which there’s so much more exposure thanks to social networks and new methods of communication.  This is why those who decide to follow already established fashion trends will go unnoticed.  In order to differ from others, it is necessary to adopt a unique approach, to be anti-conformist, to amaze people without falling into easy excesses.

Lately, we have noticed interesting new trends based on the use of unusual materials.

Courtesy of Ob-Fashion.comDo you think that Italian designers follow successfully in the “Made in Italy” tradition of constant innovation, superior craftsmanship and premium materials?

Young Italian designers pay a lot of attention to the “Made in Italy” tradition.  While in the creative process, they follow strict rules, they are very precise, remain faithful to handicraft and look for valuable fabrics and materials.  Nonetheless, they offer a new vision of aesthetics which leaves behind classic elegance to create modern silhouettes, strange cuts, mix of genres, overlapping materials and unusual color combinations.  All this produces an eclectic, sophisticated, contemporary style which can be defined as a new “Made in Italy.”


Images via Ob-Fashion Pinterest

Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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