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5 Key PR business tips from Rosie Davies of The London Fashion Agency.  Read the full interview by les assorties’.
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What is the most important thing in branding that usually goes unnoticed?

Use of colour throughout branding and online presence gets forgotten a lot. I love a brand that uses the same colour on their packaging as they do on their website. The small details always get noticed by someone with a creative eye.

What is the most common mistake new designers make when trying to grow awareness for their brand?

The biggest mistake new designers making is not knowing their customer well enough. I see so many designers trying to do everything; be on every social channel, target all magazines and blogs for coverage whereas their target customer, someone who will actually buy, will engage with only a few selective channels and publications. We have written on our office wall “Being all things to all people is a recipe for mediocrity,” and this is the best piece of advice I could give to a new designer.

What are a few things brands can do on their own before they turn to PR for help?

The best thing they can possibly do is know what their target market is reading or how they are influenced. Not every publication will feature your product; it’s good to accept that in the early days so you can really focus on targeting publications that will. Buy the magazines that you want to be featured in, and follow the editors on Instagram and Twitter. You never know, they might be looking for your product at that moment, and drop you an email.

What are the points designers have to excel at to have a successful brand in 2016?

Focus on these three things, and you’ll be on your way:

1. Imagery: For a web based business your product only looks as good as your imagery does. Make it good, people will remember you!

2. Social media: Don’t just do it for the sake of it. Focus on less channels, and make sure the content is targeted.

3. Content: Give people a reason to visit your website. Make your brand’s blog content exciting and give people a reason to come back time after time.

Which are the PR channels to watch for in 2016?

Instagram. It’s nothing new but the power of Instagram should not be underestimated. I have already started finding new brands and even buying items from pictures I see. We find clients we want to work with there, and I think it will evolve even more over the next few years.


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Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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