Does The Fashion Awards cater to the establishment?

Are diversity and difference recognized from a new generation from what was formerly known as the British Fashion Awards?  The ceremony awards those for their contribution to the fashion industry.

From i-D, Anders Christian Madsen, tells us his perspective in his piece, 2016: the year the gvasalias conquered fashion:

Even experimental London had become gentrified — not on purpose, but because the young designers, who created the city’s new fashion scene around 2005 had grown up and started real businesses — real brands. Elsewhere in the fashion landscape, we’d grown tired of those endless musical chairs of designers being hired and fired from the big houses, re-ventilating the same energy through the industry on repeat. We were dying for something new: something authentic, which wasn’t pretentious or snobby or wanky, but inclusive and exciting — and still intelligent. – Anders Christian Madsen

Photography Willy Vanderperre. Fashion Director Alastair McKimm.

Read the article on i-D, 2016: the year the gvasalias conquered fashion.

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Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor