Exposing the Hidden Scam Within the Fashion Industry

FashionUnited brings you this insight into the fashion industry:

A senior designer, sitting in a sunlit midtown office, knows her interview is going well. She can feel it. Her portfolio is appealing to the interviewers who have pored over it. She has talked them through the highlights of her resume.  She seems to be saying all the right things, and the two executives on the other side of the table are smiling and nodding, using phrases like “If you come on board…” and “We’d like to get you in front of our CEO…” They’ve even talked benefits and Summer Fridays.

“But first,…” one of them says, and both look up. The designer’s heart sinks. The dreaded words are coming:

“…we’d like you to do a project…”

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Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor