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What is E D G E Fashion Intelligence? It is a collection portal and manifestation of data, narratives, ideas, and the changing paradigms in the fashion industry. It specifically curates a platform on the principles of artistic value, cultural significance, and sustainable practices. Through the work of emerging designers, E D G E is part of a movement to ‘reverse today’s fashion trend of too much, too often, too much of the same, that lacks quality, sustainability, and innovation‘.

Whether you are new to E D G E or are returning, we hope that EDGExpo.com allows you to become informed by reading some of the inspiring content presented regarding the creative, cultural, and sustainable value the fashion industry offers.

Blurred Boundaries: Fashion as an Art, curated by Rhonda P. Hill, Alena Kalana, designer, ©EDGExpo.com
Alena Kalana | Tibetan Transplant

Take a look at the category Sustainable EDGE and be informed on designers, brands, and global initiatives that are making the case for a circular fashion economy.  Sustainable fashion is a big topic and as you tour the website, you’ll find vetted resources, reports, and links documenting this massive topic.  With periodic updates, we’ve done the homework for you.

Many emerging designers are finding their voice in composing relevant collections of unmatched storytelling of the times we live in.  A capsule of designs that make you pause, reflect, and appreciate fashion as an art.  You can find their stories in EDGE Radar.  If you are curious about the emerging market in Africa and the global Diaspora influence, check out the timeless articles in EDGE Africa.

Are you a numbers person and want data on industry forecasts, statistics, and best practices?  EDGE-ucation is a great source plus some unknown facts can be found in “EDGE Fast Fact” articles.  And if you just want to indulge at looking at fashion on the runway, EDGExposition showcases our uniquely curated designer collections from all parts of the world.

More About E D G E

Click here for more information about the founder, Rhonda P. Hill.

Image: upcycled home interior textiles designed for longevity, by Alena Kalana.  See the full collection.