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More About E D G E: The 4 E’s


E D G E [Emerging Designers Get Exposed], a fashion intelligence, global industry platform advancing the field of fashion in artistry, cultural significance, and sustainability.  The primary focus exposes and elevates emerging designers while fostering a network of industry professionals, the academic community, and the arts.  The E D G E network connects through exposure, exhibition, editorial, and education – The 4 E’s.

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Founded by Rhonda P. Hill, E D G E is part of a movement to ‘reverse today’s fashion business of too much, too often, too much of the same, and lack of quality and innovation‘.

Since its inception, 2014, E D G E has built a network and database of industry professionals along with a vibrant website,, which is the cornerstone of E D G E The E D G E brand exposure has an engaging social media audience on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, leveraging the right connections with key players in the industry. and its social media platforms have published over 200 content rich editorials resulting in a high viewer site statistics With a combined leverage of the E D G E network, the viewer reach is in the multi-thousands [and continues to grow]. The 4 E’s summarize E D G E’s vision and progress to date.

1. EXPOSURE – EDGExposition presents the opportunity for emerging designers to have  exposure through cultural networks, fashion/industry events, and internet media exposure.  E D G E Radar designer interviews and industry professional talks are the centerpiece of the EDGE platform.

2. EXHIBITION – E D G E supports designer exhibitions in gallery and art institutions; collaborates, sponsors, and participates in ‘the arts’ exhibitions, while combining the E D G E fashion network.   E D G E is developing plans to roll out unique collaborative fashion + art events.

3. EDITORIAL – the site provides industry market information; statistics; opinions; stories and insights; links to industry business resources.   The informative collective content drives those interested viewers.  It serves a niche market in the need for fashion intelligence, offering suggested resources, education, exposure with a means of connection for those new to the industry.  As E D G E gains popularity, artists from the creative community and fashion industry professionals are contributing to the content.

4. EDUCATION – the EDGE-ucation category provides professional business tips for success.  EDGE offers experience based best practice series [to complement academic studies] – a request from the growing EDGE network.  Rhonda is sought after as a speaker, adviser, and contributor to the Fashion industry.

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More About E D G E.

E D G E Contributors.

E D G E Testimonials.

Rhonda talks to aspiring costume designer, Tiffany Dawn Silver
Rhonda talks to aspiring costume designer, Tiffany Dawn Silver | Photo Jason Young
LAFCFW2015 Debbie Talanian of Stella Proseyn | Tatiana Wilcox-Ha of © Si Jie Loo
[l-r] Debbie Talanian of Stella Proseyn, Tatiana Wilcox-Ha, Editor-in-Chief of, Rhonda P. Hill / Photo Si Jie Loo

Gallery | EDGExposedLAFCFW2015 © Rhonda P. Hill

LAFCFW2015 © Si Jie Loo

Become part of the EDGE network and tell us how you would like to participate.

  • Sponsorship
  • Contributing Team Member – writer, photographer, and industry professionals
  • Feature Editorial, click here to find out about submissions
  • Intern, or a Student for academic credit

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