A collective and collaborative community for the output of fashion design.   A habitat of design studios specific to emerging designers to create, connect, and expose their designs to the fashion industry.  This community centered environment fosters innovation, artistry, and culturally meaningful designs and is supported with tools of the trade, education, unique exhibitions and shows.  It will garner global exposure for Ventura and the coastal region as a major fashion center bringing emerging design talent, independent retailers, and the industry trade together.LAFCFW2015 © Si Jie Loo


Central Coast California – cultural historic downtown city of Ventura California, by the Pacific Ocean.Photo: Matthew T. White


  • Independent and emerging designers lack exposure, financial means, and distribution to local and international communities.
  • This precedent and unique platform champions innovation and provides exposure for tomorrow’s fashion from the under-represented fashion design market.
  • Southern and Northern California fashion centers do not focus on this specific designer/brand market. It is inclusive and lost within the multiple categories of brands that will pay for exposure, including “big box” brands.
  • Cost effective opportunity for emerging designers to showcase.
  • Concentrated designer population in the state of California.
  • Currently no fashion center along the coast of California, with an added perk by the Pacific Ocean.LAFCFW2015 | Rochelle Carino| © Si Jie Loo

Why Ventura

  • The fashion industry, as part of the creative economy, represents a significant economic impact and opportunity in the city and county of Ventura and central coast cities.
  • Today it is fragmented among franchise retailers, big box outlets, and peppered with “mom and pop” boutiques.
  • Leverage Ventura’s popularity and international exposure of its related arts companions – the music, film, visual and performance art scenes.
  • Ventura, as the vibrant New Art City, is prime to brand the downtown cultural district as a fusion of the arts and fashion.
  • Visitor experience – cultural historic downtown Ventura and surrounding coastal cities offer visitor friendly amenities such as culinary, entertainment, and the arts within in walking distance.photo: Matthew T. White photo: Matthew T. White © Rhonda P. Hill


Fashioned In America, courtesy of EDGExpo.com (2) IMG_4899The EDGE Focus Group Study – an ongoing qualitative research study – is defining the niche and interest of this market.   The results, so far, identify the demand to expose and connect with the industry through design studios and exhibitions – art galleries and museums.  Trade shows are cost prohibitive for this up and coming talent as they are launching their new business.  “Fashion Week” shows, although a very popular means of exposure, cater to the press, media, and hype versus the b2b outcome with the retailer.

EDGE Fashion Habitat – vision | future development. . .stay tuned.



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