Mentoring  – Rhonda’s “sit at the table” one-on-one or group sessions.

Through the EDGE-ucation program, Rhonda P. Hill, an experienced leader/adviser in the fashion industry, provides mentoring services to help you succeed by literally sitting at your conference table or individual desk [physical or virtual]. Rhonda ‘talks’, inspires, gives guidance, brainstorms, provides resources, and generally is a partner in conversation to move your business/brand forward.  Rhonda’s mentoring sessions are a resource for answers to simple questions or as in depth as strategic development and positioning of your business.

A few examples of a mentoring partnership with Rhonda P. Hill:
• “are we on track” – brand vision, portfolio, and line review
• design direction; product development; sourcing guidance
• brand positioning in the market
• consumer profile development [a unique sell in tool]
• how to prepare and go to the market [presenting and selling your line to the industry]

Rhonda P. Hill [r] in conversation with Elaine Unzicker, Unzicker Designs | Photo ©Desiree Hernandez |

Speaking engagements – Invite Rhonda P. Hill to talk to your students, team, at an industry conference, or at workshops and seminars.

I am enjoying reading these articles! I am on a committee in Nashville to help TSU [Tennessee State University] fashion department redesign their curriculum and studies to better prepare the students for business and creative careers. This is definitely an article I am sending to the committee.

– Lakeithea Nicole, Fashion Business & Communications Consultant & Founder of 1608 Creatives

If you are interested in any of the EDGE services, email your needs and time-frame to

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