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A 20 Minute Catwalk . . . and. . . .

. . .Where is the sense of design?  Read on, these designers, [l-r] Michael Ngo, Amato Couture by Furne One, Rahil Hesan, & Marmar Halim, have it. As the fashion industry continues to drown in a sea of the same [season after season] lacking innovation, artistry, originality, and quality, a few designers that make it […]

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Dubai | The Road To A Fashion Ecosystem

Dubai – beyond its endless luxury shopping malls and over-the-top conspicuous consumption culture – is paying attention to creative emerging talent.   Emerging local designers and international brands are making a go at tapping into this mega fashion retail capital. Dubai is building a fashion ecosystem, developing an infrastructure that not only supports the retail climate, […]

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