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Fashion Unknown Fact – The U.S. Fashion Industry Employs More Than 1.8 Million People

The fashion industry—including retailers, manufacturers, designers and wholesalers—employs more than 1.8 million people in the United States. It relies on workers in a wide range of occupations, including fashion designers, market research analysts, graphic design artists, computer systems developers, patternmakers, sewing machine operators, retail sales workers, wholesale buyers, accountants and business operations specialists.The U.S. fashion […]

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Creating a Success Model for Fashion Designers

The British Fashion Council developed a report, Commercializing Creativity – Creating a Success Model for British Fashion Designers.   The authors of this report, Alejandra Caro and Alessandra Basso, wrote a report pinpointing the common themes that lead to success as well as highlighting common challenges emerging designers face in building a successful fashion business.   EDGE […]

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