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Sustainable Fashion Never Goes Out of Style

IMAGINE A FUTURE LIKE THIS: Community Couture [Scenario 2] 1.   The world is… struggling to cope with the impacts of climate change and resource shortages but community bonds are strong – many strive for self-sufficiency. 2.   Fashion is… expensive new or cheap and second-hand… very high costs of raw materials and disrupted supply chains have […]

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Fashion Trends, Are They For Real?

There’s always a hunger for the next thing, a need to start a new movement. That’s true of media and “brand” created fashion trends, where trends are dictated for commercial reasons. Dressing normal is the Fall 2014 Gap campaign and many of you have heard of the “normcore” trend. Personally I think this “normal” trend […]

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Slow Fashion, The Anti-Trend

I’m always wishing that the clothing industry might find its way toward a less petrochemical line of production, says Andre Walker, designer. i-D magazine, Steve Salter As the founder and principal of EDGE, I concur with Andre’s statement and see that Americans have become too obsessed with fast, cheap fashion that’s a continual stream of […]

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