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Is Black the New Black? The EDGE Lookbook | Fashion In Black

An affair to remember, forever – our love affair with the color, black. We, as consumers, are comfortable wearing black.  It is our default color.  Black, in the creative community [artists and the fashion industry] is the color of choice in both fashion design and what we wear to fashion or art events. Black represents, […]

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EDGE at Invierno Fashion Show

For the up and coming fashion designer visibility and exposure comes in all shapes and sizes and is the first step in communicating their vision.  The Black Board Gallery [Camarillo, California] Invierno fashion show presented a big package of talent on an unpretentious, humbling scale.  This was not the mega “fashion week” exhibition nor did […]

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EDGE Radar

E D G E Talks to Unzicker Design

Elaine Unzicker, artist and designer, of Unzicker Design sat down to talk with me at the Standing In Boots art exhibition. This Ojai California resident makes jewelry and clothing from chain mail piece goods, the bases and uniqueness of her brand.  Elaine and her husband, Keith, travel globally to show and sell her collections.  She […]

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