E D G E Visionary

As a consumer and professional in the fashion industry, the birth of E D G E has come from my vision to reverse today’s fashion Trend of too much, too often, too much of the same, that lacks quality and Purpose.

– Rhonda

Rhonda P. Hill is the founder/CEO of E D G E [Emerging Designers Get Exposed].  E D G E is a fashion intelligence magazine and international platform advancing the field of fashion in artistry, cultural significance, and sustainability through the exposure of emerging designers.

Rhonda is a fashion business adviser, conscious fashion advocate, writer, editor, and e-magazine publisher.

As Editor-in-Chief of E D G E magazine, Rhonda curates a collection of voices, narratives, and cultural perspectives on the shifting paradigm in the fashion industry, with the “E D G E Talks” as the centerpiece.

EDGE Network and Rhonda No Spacing
Rhonda ‘talks’ to emerging designers.

Rhonda knew at an early age the business of fashion would be her lifetime pursuit and passion.  She has an accomplished 30+ year record as a business leader in the Fashion and Entertainment industries.  She has held executive management positions for Fortune 500 companies, many in the top 100.  Her most dynamic experience was with The Walt Disney Company.

As Vice President for The Walt Disney Company, Rhonda drove strategic direction for the $350 million direct marketing consumer products division.  She leveraged Disney intellectual properties into product with unprecedented consumer demand.  Disney chose her as spokesperson for global product initiatives and Rhonda was the recipient of their prestigious Coaches award.

Rhonda began her career as a fashion buyer for Macy’s.  She achieved the reputation and performance as a profitable buyer, while offering market right clothing for the sophisticated and fashion conscious consumer.  In between Macy’s and Disney, Rhonda was recognized and awarded for her leadership in marketing, product development, and product sourcing, for Warner Bros. Studio Stores, adidas, and Levi Strauss & Co.

Rhonda traveled extensively [with all five companies] to Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, India, The Philippines, New York, and Europe.   She negotiated multi-million dollar deals in product procurement, fabric production, garment production, and global marketing opportunities.

Because of Rhonda’s professional background and expertise, she is sought after as a speaker, adviser, and contributor to the Fashion industry and creative community.  Her passion for the artistry, innovation, and consciousness of Fashion uniquely qualify her as a champion for the E D G E philosophy.

More about Rhonda P. Hill on LinkedIn.

E D G E as featured in the press:

les assorties’, Athens Greece based fashion news/media magazine, click les assorties’.

Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.

– Michelle Obama

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