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Fashion Culture | W.E.B. Du Bois’ Exposition des Nègres d’Amérique Transformed the World’s View of Black in America

In 1900 a transformation of Black identity and the world’s view of Blacks in America took center stage at the 1900’s World’s Fair in Paris.  A perception of Blacks in America was manifested through photojournalism and visual data witnessed by the outside world looking in.  Those in the Black community validated that perception by leveraging […]

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The Power of Cloth and Why We Should Care | EDGE Talks to Abiola Onabule

In an age of socioeconomic inequalities, climate crisis, and a pandemic, characterized by accelerated technological advances and new working models, design plays a crucial role in supporting the ways we care for ourselves, each other and the planet.  Managing resources equitably and sustainably is vital for ecological resilience. The Design Museum, United Kingdom, Designers in […]

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Africa | The Emerging Fashion Market

Out of Africa comes an emerging fashion market which plays an important role in this global enterprise. This market is true to the African culture and the consumers are responding to the newness that African designers present against the sea of sameness so prevalent in the industry. Redefine your perception of Africa.  With the growth […]

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EDGE Out of Africa

The industry needs fresh blood. Armani is tired. Galliano is trying to resuscitate himself. McQueen is gone. Gucci is failing to reinvigorate and Prada needs a new creative team. It’s time for the big fashion investors to start looking to Africa. Not appropriating our themes, but taking on our design talent. – Johannesburg designer David […]

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EDGE Talks to Designer Marion Ayonote

Nigerian born and educated Marion Ayonote designs beautifully innovative and feminine footwear.  There is a need for each of these unique pieces to reflect the personality, lifestyle and aspirations of its owner.  With offices based in London, Marion Ayonote creates collections that appeal to Women the World over and her approach to design has been […]

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