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“A Study of Eight, The Untold American Story”, is in the General Collections of the Library of Congress, as well as other distinguished institutions such as the Smithsonian and Victoria & Albert Museum National Art Library:
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Library of Congress General Collections
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Stage & Studio Dmae Lo Roberts looks at the Black contributions to fashion design throughout American history with writer, publisher and fashion expert Rhonda P. Hill.  “A Study of Eight, The Untold American Story” … “a history tour through her impressive pictorial and well-researched series of articles”, Rhonda P. Hill and the EDGE of Design, Oregon ArtsWatch.


Jane Clayson of NPR Here & Now talks to Rhonda P. Hill – ‘A Study Of Eight’ Showcases Influence Black Fashion Makers Had On History, Culture.  Publishing editor Rhonda P. Hill says she’s always wanted to work on a project like “A Study Of Eight”, which showcases the work of underrepresented people and dives deep into overlooked parts of history.  “African Americans have contributed to fashion in ways that we just don’t know about,” she says. “I felt like I wanted to really let their voices be heard.”


Quote in Fortune article: “At the rate we consume fashion, we buy clothes to throw away,” Rhonda Hill, founder of EDGE Fashion Intelligence, tells Fortune. “Today’s fashion industry is plagued by overconsumption, all driven by speed and disposability—fast fashion.”

PAPER Magazine highlights Rhonda’s first-hand knowledge – “The End of Fast Fashion is Closer Than You Think”, by Arden Fanning Andrews | Lady Gaga Transformation Issue 2020

Gill Stark’s The Fashion Show: history, theory and practice book contains an interview of Rhonda P. Hill on her global perspective of the fashion show

Gill Stark, an art historian and Assistant Dean | Head of School of the School of Creative and Liberal Arts, Regent’s University London, book, The Fashion Show: history, theory and practice, contains an interview of Rhonda P. Hill on her global perspective of the fashion show.

Curatorial: – Blurred Boundaries. . . and Erik ReeL: Zero Point” opening night review.

“GraySpace Gallery Exhibits Fashion as an Art”

“Great Fashion, Just Like Art, Deserves To Be Seen” – “Rhonda P. Hill to curate fashion exhibition in Santa Barbara”

Contributing Writing: – “FIDM Museum Presents Capturing the Catwalk”, by Rhonda P. Hill

VC Reporter op-ed, December 29, 2016, “Ecological Impact of Clothing”

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