E D G E Founder, Rhonda P. Hill

We need to shift our consumption values so that the entire fashion system can shift along with it.  – Rhonda P. Hill

Rhonda P. Hill at LA Fashion Week, © EDGExpo.com
Rhonda P. Hill | LA Fashion Week

Rhonda P. Hill is the founder of E D G E.  E D G E, the acronym for Emerging Designers Get Exposed, is an international platform advancing the field of fashion in artistic values, cultural significance, and sustainability through the exposure of emerging designers.  It takes a step forward to look at fashion from an intelligent, artistic, and practical perspective.  The website, EDGExpo.com, is a magazine-style look at the paradigm shift from irresponsible, excessive production and consumption to one of environmental and ethical consciousness, cultural sensitivity, and purpose.   

Rhonda is an accomplished business leader in the Fashion and Entertainment industries and currently contributes to the fashion industry as fashion curator, business adviser, conscious fashion advocate, writer, editor, and e-magazine publisher.  Starting as a contemporary fashion buyer at Macy’s, Rhonda built a reputation for understanding a sophisticated and fashion savvy consumer. She has been recognized and awarded for her leadership in fashion merchandising, holding executive positions at Warner Bros. Studio Stores, adidas, Levi Strauss & Co. and as Vice President for Direct Marketing, Consumer Products Division of The Walt Disney Company.

As Editor-in-Chief of EDGExpo.com, Rhonda publishes a collection of interviews, narratives, and cultural perspectives on the transformation in the fashion industry, with the “E D G E Talks” as the centerpiece.  She is quite vocal on the environmental damage caused by the fashion industry and very much an advocate for slow fashion. 

Rhonda is the cover story of Ventana’s style issue, which exposes her work on E D G E.  “EDGExpo.com is a valuable — and visually appealing — resource for education and news, and serves as a spotlight for exciting new designers from around the world,” observes the writer, Emily Dodi.

Rhonda’s recent curatorial project, titled Blurred Boundaries: Fashion as an Art, was exhibited at GraySpace Gallery, Santa Barbara, California.  This museum quality exhibition showcased fashion as an art, on par with any other visual art.

She is a member of the San Francisco based and internationally acclaimed Arts of Fashion Foundation and is currently developing a book series; was interviewed on her global perspective of the fashion show in the book The Fashion Show: history, theory and practice by Gill Stark, art historian and Assistant Dean | Head of School of School of Creative and Liberal Arts, Regent’s University London; and an interview with Rhonda at society805.com lifestyle online magazine – Putting Fashion in Its Place. . .

Rhonda has been a guest speaker at the Art Institute of California [AI] Fashion NOW Symposium and industry participant to the AI graduate’s Portfolio Review.  Rhonda is a fashion show advisor; consulted for Blackboard Gallery’s Invierno Fashion Show; and has been a fashion show judge for The Art Institute of California Spotlight Fashion Show.  Rhonda is a VIP industry guest of numerous Fashion Week events across the globe; guest invitee of the annual La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival & Awards; and guest fashion editor for society805.com.

More about Rhonda P. Hill on LinkedIn.

EDGE Network and Rhonda No Spacing
Rhonda ‘talks’ to emerging designers.

The power of fashion lies in its ability to transform identity and culture.

– Rhonda P. Hill

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