E D G E Editorial Submissions

EDGE published features provide a voice, value, and engagement to the viewer.  The interview content is the cornerstone of EDGExpo.com.  We regularly feature emerging designers and industry profesionals whose vision, mission, and execution of their brand meets the criteria of EDGE philosophy and mission.

We welcome innovative emerging designers, progressive independent retailers, and industry professionals to share their story, expertise, and to connect with like-minded viewers.  Examples of our signature interview series are archived in our E D G E Radar  and Sustainable EDGE categories.

If you are an interested EDGE Designer, EDGE Buyer/Retailer, or industry professional, submit your request to be considered for a featured editorial.  Not all request will be considered.  We will only reply to submissions that meet the qualifications and criteria of E D G E philosophy and mission.

Send an email to EDGExpo@gmail.com with the following pitch:

  • A brief about who you [your business] are
  • Why you | your business meet the EDGE vision and philosophy
  • Link to your website

About E D G E
E D G E Testimonials

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