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Rhonda at Art Institute of California Spotlight Fashion Show, Julia Szkiba, Instructor

On behalf of the Art Institute of California-Hollywood and the Ai Fashion Club, we sincerely want to thank you so much for your participation and inspiring discussion at the Fashion NOW Symposium. It was truly an honor to listen and partake in such a lively panel of guest speakers, and of course your personal input on the industry, but also your amazing personal journey to get where you are today.

With the club only been running for a couple months, we been making haste with numerous events and opportunities and this was most inspiring. We all enjoyed hosting this symposium to reach out to our fellow students, members, and future prospective workers to get involved, experience, and out in the world. We hope for the utmost success in your company and passion, and would love to work with you more in the future.
Thank You – Adam Montelongo | Art Institute of California- Hollywood Fashion Club Presidentimage

What I especially love is how much culture is part of the fabric with which you encourage your artist/designers to cut and design. You treat your young artists all with such respect, and you provide such valuable insider knowledge/guidance for them. – Leonora Willette Flores – Cultural Op.Ed journalist/editor, Current Affairs Editor for quarterly on-line “Felix Magazine, Writer-producer / Script Doctor | Los Angeles

Thanks for coming to FWLA over the last couple of days. We’ve had great feedback from everyone involved and indeed Mayor Garcetti’s office have been incredibly supportive of the work we are doing. We know we don’t need to re-create fashion in this city, we need instead to elevate its status and help reframe its perception and so your role in this is incredibly valuable. – Lawrence Carroll, Associate Producer – Production Coordinator, FWLA | Fashion Week Los Angeles

'the talk", elevating African cloth
‘the talk”, elevating African cloth, Rhonda and Maryanne E. Mokoko

Your articles on the site are very inspiring. This is a very powerful platform indeed.Maryanne E. Mokoko, Koko Nanga, {Charlotte, N.C.}

“I am so grateful for this opportunity! Thank you for the bold questions @edgexpo” 🙏🏾 Maryanne E. Mokoko, {USA/Cameroon}

I read and reread!. . .Thank you again for this opportunity! . . .getting so much great feedback from this interview.  I can’t thank you enough! – Maryanne E. Mokoko, Koko Nanga, {Charlotte, N.C.}

Dear Rhonda, I just wanted to write to you and say a huge thank you for your lovely interview.  You framed it so beautifully and the questions you gave me, to respond to, made it a really enjoyable process to answer, and to find ways to consolidate many of the ideas mixed up in my head, during this residency and to make them clear, cogent thoughts in response to your questions. – Abiola Onabule, {London, U.K.}

Rhonda! This is fantastic! I can’t say enough thank yous.  I feel extremely grateful and fulfilled! You have done absolutely beautiful work in piecing together my thoughts and framing the conversation so that it all flows so nicely together, it all feels incredibly relevant and appropriate for this time, BRAVO! I am so impressed and really feel honored. Thank you, Rhonda! – Ophir El- Boher, {Portland, Oregon}

Thank you @edgexpo for being together in this revolution!!! 🙏🏼 Silvia Giovanardi, {Milan Italy}

Thank you very much! This article is so nice, it is amazing!! I am very excited at the way you write and how you see things. Jun Nakamura, {London}

Rhonda, Thank you so much for the article! It was beautifully written. And thank you for the opportunity, I feel so honored to be part of your wonderful community and grateful for the support I’ve received from you. – Femilia Putri | Creative Director of ÁINE, {Jakarta Indonesia}

I want to thank you, Rhonda, for all the work you do. Your dedication to emerging designers is relentless and is truly inspiring. Thank you! – LeGrand Leseur {Philadelphia}

Great read Rhonda……you “nailed it” down very well!!…..I really enjoyed working with you and of course….when the next opportunity for some assist arises….jus’ “whistle” our way…… – Eric Wilder, 3HG Network {LosAngeles}

Rhonda, thank you so much for these fabulous articles, I will be sharing both on my personal and Bead & Reel’s social media! I am so grateful that you joined us and for creating such beautiful stories about it. Thank you for the thoughtful questions! Sica Schmitz, Owner, Bead & Reel {Los Angeles}

Thank you for your wonderful review of our company and featuring us on your awesome site!  I am very excited to share with all of our contacts.  I look forward to staying connected with you on all of your awesome events with EDGE and our collaborations with Levi’s and other companies.  – Carly Giammona, Founder and CEO of Giammona Collective

Rhonda, it was a pleasure meeting you and chatting about the fashion industry. Thanks also for your kind words about my site. I also checked out yours and love what you are doing!Stacy Fan, Founder, Eurasian Vogue

Great article, Rhonda!  Thanks again and looking forward to working together in the future! – Jason Young, Contributing EDGE Photographer {Los Angeles}

The [Art Hearts Fashion, Los Angeles] show was incredibly amazing! I had a ton of fun and took a ton of photos! Michael Ngo was incredible as always.Jason Young, Contributing EDGE Photographer {Los Angeles}

I love reading all your articles and about EDGE!Christine Cooper, VP Product Strategy, Time, Inc. {Columbus, Ohio}

You are SO AMAZING!  So thoughtful and kind!  Thank you! Thank you, so much!  I love it!  ♥️♥️♥️  Yes!  Will def share on social media:).  – Mimi Wong, Designer, Minan Wong {New York}

That is excellent! Mena sends her thanks. She really enjoyed reading the interview and she says she really appreciates it!Chanoa Tarle, Social Media Manager, Mena Lombard Designs

The article is fantastic! I think it looks great and it’s so thoughtful and in-depth. I’m sure Alex and everyone at RTC [Rubicon Theatre  Companywill love it. – Michelle Hunter, Marketing Director, Rubicon Theatre  Company {Ventura, CA}

Great piece! [Africa, The Emerging Market] Laurie Kirby, Co-Founder, Fest Forum 

What a thrill!! After seeing the rough draft, I can only imagine how powerful the entire article would be!  Thank you Rhonda, you are most helpful and pleasant to work with! Mahlet Fissha, Public Relations, Yefikir Designs {Ethiopia}

Dear Rhonda, that’s amazing. Thanks a lot for the opportunity.Tina Lobondi, UK based Congolese Designer, Tina Lobondi Designs

Lovely, lovely feature! I have happily shared on all my social media platforms.Thank you very much, Rhonda, and please do keep in touch. I would like to work with you in every way possible. – Tobi Martins, Creative Director, Prima Rouge {Lagos, Nigeria}

Thanks for the kind words and the post! I shall be sharing like crazy in the meantime. LeGrand Leseur, Designer {Philadelphia, Penn}

Wow! Thank youThank you for the encouragement and seeing what I am doing! I’ve only just started and, gradually learning along the way of how to promote my ethics. If you have any advice, please tell me [EDGExpo interview is mentioned in her newsletter]. – Sita Bell, Designer {London}

The article looks great! Thank you so much for doing this interview with us. We will get this up in our press section asap.Stephen Reid and Jamar Canty, Owners of Dapper Young Gentlemen [DYG] {Los Angeles}

I am enjoying reading these articles! I am on a committee in Nashville to help TSU [Tennessee State University] fashion department redesign their curriculum and studies to better prepare the students for business and creative careers. This is definitely an article I am sending to the committee. Lakeithea Nicole, Fashion Business & Communications Consultant & Founder of 1608 Creatives {Nashville, Tenn}

Thank you, Rhonda!! Will share the feature on our sites. – Natsuko Kanno, Designer, 4 Corners of a Circle {New York}

Elaine Unzicker, Unzicker Designs, Rhonda P. Hill - Photo ©Desiree Hernandez |
Elaine Unzicker, Unzicker Designs, Rhonda P. Hill – Photo ©Desiree Hernandez |