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Dye Then, Dye Now

Dye ‘then’ was a natural source from nature, non-chemical, non-toxic. Dye ‘now’ is a chemically produced color, mostly toxic, where the residual pollutes our wastewater. Dye Then “Then” marks the time before 1856 as far back as prehistoric times where dye was organically sourced from plants, tree barks, and insects. An example would be Ikat […]

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The POWER of FASHION lies in its ability to transform IDENTITY and CULTURE.

Fashion, like ART, embodies the time we live in and society bears witness to the interpretation of its HISTORICAL and CULTURAL significance.

RP Hill


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EDITOR’s Letter: HIDDEN in Plain Sight

Designers in Plain Sight Fashion is a powerful medium that influences and transforms society. We don’t always see and understand the cultural impact it has unless it’s documented in history books or presented at art institutions.  Even with that documentation it is self-fulfilling, omitting a wide-range of history and artifacts.  History shows that creators, contributors, […]

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Museum Destiny: The Case for Contemporary Fashion

Curating the body, creating around bodies, is not a typical conversation or exploration in fashion.   But it is one of the most important art forms because society can reflect how it defines the spirit or mood of an era; how it can identify culture, social behavior, and economic status.  Fashion has that power.  Like […]

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