There is undeniably a new age of creativity and purpose in the fashion industry, with a call to action on sustainability.  E D G E Fashion Intelligence [EFI], an international platform, takes a step forward to look at fashion from an intelligent, artistic, and practical perspective.  The website,, provides a magazine-style look at the paradigm shift from irresponsible, excessive production and consumption to one of environmental and ethical consciousness, cultural sensitivity, and storytelling.

Culture Osmosis | Designer, Maital Levitan | Photography: Simone Ammendola

Fashion Intelligence: What is It?  Fashion intelligence is a collection and manifestation of data, reports, resources, narratives, and ideas of the changing paradigms and value proposition in the fashion industry; aligned with an anthropological, cultural, and ecological study that documents historical and modern transformative events. 

Claiming a unique space in contrast to traditional fashion media, E D G E Fashion Intelligence conveys how we as a global society value fashion.  Collecting and presenting data, stories, interviews, and ideas on a path forward, with a better future for the industry; EFI is more closely aligned with an anthropological and responsible study of fashion than to the frivolous reputation the industry is known for, with principles of artistic value, cultural significance, and sustainable practices.  EFI stimulates our thinking on why it matters to see fashion as a substantive form of art [and why contemporary fashion should be exhibited in museums], why it matters to understand fashion’s power in transforming cultural and individual identity, and why it matters to participate and educate the industry and public-at-large when it comes to sustaining earth’s resources.

West Coast art dealer Irving Blum, famous for taking a chance with Andy Warhol when no one understood his artwork, once said, “artists that effect change, real change, are so few and far between, are so incredibly valuable, they cannot be replaced, they’re unique.  You have to adore these people. They contribute so much to the culture.  They are the culture.”

E D G E, the acronym of Emerging Designers Get Exposed, are a curated elite group of designers under the radar who are affecting change.  They are culturally astute and are hellbent on communicating their work as art.  Creating outside of a mass-production mentality, they generate designs that are limited, coveted, intellectually talked about, environmentally sensitive, and meaningful.  Storytelling through their creations captures the zeitgeist of today – social and behavioral shifts, the climate crisis, and preservation of traditional methods.

E D G E takes fashion from being a superficial, surface-level idea and transforms it into a very cerebral concept and experience.  – Alena Kalana Sablan, Designer

How to Navigate

Take a look at the category Sustainable EDGE and be informed on designers, brands, and global initiatives that are making the case for a circular fashion economy.  Sustainable fashion is a big topic and as you tour the website, you’ll find vetted resources, reports, and links documenting this massive topic.  With periodic updates, we’ve done the homework for you.

Many emerging designers are finding their voice in composing relevant collections of unmatched storytelling of the times we live in.  A capsule of designs that make you pause, reflect, and appreciate fashion as an art.  You can find their stories in EDGE Radar. EDGE Afropolitan is about all things Black – including the African diaspora fashion makers.

Are you a numbers person and want data on industry forecasts, statistics, and best practices?  EDGE-ucation is a great source plus some unknown facts can be found in “Fashion Unknown Fact” articles, and the popular FAQ series responds to frequently asked questions and guide for further research.  If you just want to indulge at looking at fashion on the runway, yet be educated on why these collections matter, EDGExposition showcases our uniquely curated designer collections from all parts of the world.

EDGE Remembers are stories that need to be told.  They are the under-represented historical and contemporary contributors to fashion’s history, where their stories are unknown or overlooked.  “A Study of Eight, The Untold American Story”, is one of those stories of pioneering Black fashion makers and influencers.  This literary study was broadcast on NPR’s “Here & Now”, and (printed hardbound) is in the Library of Congress General Collections.

Rhonda P Hill, founder of E D G E Fashion Intelligence and publishing editor of

Click here to read the interview with featured designer, Maital Levitan.

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  1. This is a great idea and also very is what we don’t have in Zambia.I can only hope I can be included as a fashion designer from far away land, “Africa”

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