About E D G E

There is undeniably a new age of creativity and purpose in the fashion industry.  E D G E takes a step forward to look at fashion from an intelligent, artistic, and practical perspective.  It provides a magazine style look at the shifting paradigm of irresponsible and excessive production and consumption to the ‘now’ generation of environmental and ethical consciousness, with cultural sensitivity and meaningful design. 

E D G E [Emerging Designers Get Exposed] gives a voice to emerging designers [all across the globe] who are exhibiting design excellence in artistry, cultural significance, and sustainability. They are putting a cultural face, purpose, and environmental conscious to fashion.  While exposing and elevating this curated design talent,  E D G E fosters a global network of fashion industry professionals, educators, and the arts.

The E D G E network connects through exposure, exhibition, editorial, and education.

Emerging designers and brands have a voice and are under-exposed. The consumers are hungry for them!

Innovative fashion at retail has shrunk over the past few decades.  The modern fashion industry is a global success [the apparel market is valued at 3 trillion dollars], yet drowning in a sea of sameness, excessiveness, and lack of quality and story telling.

E D G E – Emerging designers have got the edge to reverse this trend with the vision, independence, and courage, that comes from the desire and core of their mission. This next generation of fashion creatives are taking a non-traditional approach to the business and are transforming the industry. 

Don’t give them what you think they want; give them what they never thought was possible.

– Orson welles

Emerging designers with grit, purpose, and conscious just may have what we never thought was possible . . .

Rhonda P Hill; founder/CEO of E D G E, industry contributor, influencer, and advocate; curates a platform of cultural, conscious, and courageous narratives on the changing landscape of fashion.   

Read the E D G E interview with Nga Wun (Kitty) Mok.

E D G E as featured in the press:

les assorties’, Athens Greece based fashion news/media magazine, click les assorties’.

Feature Image:  Mike Vensel Designs


  1. betty bulongo

    This is a great idea and also very exciting.it is what we don’t have in Zambia.I can only hope I can be included as a fashion designer from far away land, “Africa”

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