About E D G E

E D G E [Emerging Designers Get Exposed] is a fashion intelligence magazine and global industry platform advancing the field of fashion in artistry, cultural significance, and sustainability.  Its primary focus exposes and elevates emerging designers while fostering a network of industry professionals, the academic community, and the arts.  The E D G E network connects through exposure, exhibition, editorial, and education.

Emerging designers and brands have a voice and are under-exposed. The consumers are hungry for them!

Innovative fashion at retail has shrunk over the past few decades.  The modern fashion industry is a global success [the apparel market is valued at 3 trillion dollars], yet drowning in a sea of sameness, excessiveness, and lack of quality.

E D G E – Emerging designers have got the edge to reverse this trend with the independence, vision, and artistry that comes from the desire and core of their mission.

E D G E contributes to the narrative of the paradigm shift in fashion.

Don’t give them what you think they want; give them what they never thought was possible.

– Orson welles

Emerging designers with grit, purpose, and conscious just may have what we never thought was possible . . .

Read the E D G E interview with Nga Wun (Kitty) Mok.

E D G E as featured in the press:

les assorties’, Athens Greece based fashion news/media magazine, click les assorties’.

Rhonda P. Hill – Founder/CEO
Email us at EDGExpo@gmail.com.

Feature Image:  Mike Vensel Designs


  1. betty bulongo

    This is a great idea and also very exciting.it is what we don’t have in Zambia.I can only hope I can be included as a fashion designer from far away land, “Africa”

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