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Green: Editor’s Prediction for the Future of Fashion

Exactly a year ago, within the first few months of the pandemic, I wrote a profound and comprehensive piece on what effect the COVID-19 virus would have on the fashion industry, Correction, Contraction, and Cessation. COVID-19 Calls to Action a Sustainable Fashion System.  Here is what I had to say at that time and it still […]

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Fashion Week – digital, in-person, new approach, or not at all?

Against the backdrop of unprecedented store closures, bankruptcy, and excessive inventory throughout the supply chain, is fashion week necessary?  Mckinsey & Company suggests the global industry’s economic profit will fall by 93 percent in 2020 after rising 4 percent in 2019.  In a worst case scenario, the industry won’t get back to 2019 levels until […]

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Sustainable Fashion Never Goes Out of Style

IMAGINE A FUTURE LIKE THIS: Community Couture [Scenario 2] 1.   The world is… struggling to cope with the impacts of climate change and resource shortages but community bonds are strong – many strive for self-sufficiency. 2.   Fashion is… expensive new or cheap and second-hand… very high costs of raw materials and disrupted supply chains have […]

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