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Fashion Culture | “I LOVE Lycra Dresses and Spare-Ribs”: The Patrick Kelly Story

Patrick Kelly (1954–1990) also loved “Fried Catfish, Fried Chicken and “Foie Gras” …, Buttons and Bows, Pearls and Popcorn, Madame Grès, “I Love Lucy”, Bette Davis, Martin Luther King, and All Women (Fat, Skinny, and Between…).”¹  Kelly’s “Love List” of over 30 items, which was distributed to the press and buyers at his runway shows, […]

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Museum Crawl: Must See Fashion Exhibits 2021/22

When we start to see how fashion serves a purpose in our culture and history, we begin to dismiss the frivolous segment of it and assimilate a more responsible and protective conduct.  Fashion needs to be seen and not just a 20-minute catwalk or shopping spree.  Museums are a cure for cultural curiosity. The old […]

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