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Green: Editor’s Prediction for the Future of Fashion

Exactly a year ago, within the first few months of the pandemic, I wrote a profound and comprehensive piece on what effect the COVID-19 virus would have on the fashion industry, Correction, Contraction, and Cessation. COVID-19 Calls to Action a Sustainable Fashion System.  Here is what I had to say at that time and it still […]

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Fashion Week – digital, in-person, new approach, or not at all?

Against the backdrop of unprecedented store closures, bankruptcy, and excessive inventory throughout the supply chain, is fashion week necessary?  Mckinsey & Company suggests the global industry’s economic profit will fall by 93 percent in 2020 after rising 4 percent in 2019.  In a worst case scenario, the industry won’t get back to 2019 levels until […]

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The Power of Cloth and Why We Should Care | EDGE Talks to Abiola Onabule

In an age of socioeconomic inequalities, climate crisis, and a pandemic, characterized by accelerated technological advances and new working models, design plays a crucial role in supporting the ways we care for ourselves, each other and the planet.  Managing resources equitably and sustainably is vital for ecological resilience. The Design Museum, United Kingdom, Designers in […]

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Ukraine’s BE SUSTAINABLE! – a platform making noise

Fashion is universally cited as being one of the most polluting industries in the world.  Thank you to conscious consumers and to environmental activists such as Greta Thunberg for their demands on attacking the environmental crisis.  Putting sustainability at the forefront of business models, strategic plans, supply chain infrastructure, etc., is long overdue. But all […]

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With 25.5 billion pounds of USE-ABLE textiles thrown away each year (70 pounds per American), there is a lot of waste that can be prevented.

The EPA Blog

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Fashion for Good, the world’s first museum for sustainable fashion opens in Amsterdam

Join the movement!  With the focus on fashion consumerism and the circular economy, Fashion for Good museum is the first interactive museum dedicated for sustainable fashion. Amsterdam — Fashion for Good, the global initiative for sustainable fashion, has opened the doors of its museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, today. The space aims to show visitors […]

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Creative Power Disrupts the System | EDGE Talks to Peivand Mirzaie

Breaking the rules, disrupting the fashion system is easier than you think. Fashion designer, Peivand Mirzaie has made a mark on breaking the rules, disrupting the system, while embracing the power of fashion.  She has gone beyond the ‘system’ in her designs, pushing concept over saleability; in her choice of education, wanting more freedom and […]

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Fast & Cheap Fashion Consumption Leads to R.A.G.S.

Skip the landfill and discard your unwanted R.A.G.S. – Recycle Accessories Garments Shoes – responsibly. Americans discard more than 28 billion pounds of unwanted clothing, shoes, and other textiles.  Charitable organizations and others collect roughly 15 percent of these items, while the remaining 85 percent — 24 billion pounds — end up in landfills.  – […]

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The Visual Story Behind The Story – Fair Trade Fashion Show

‘Young optimists’ ages of 18 – 34 are the most engaged on sustainability.  2/3 actively buy sustainable brands and 1/4 always consider the social and environmental ethics of brands when making purchasing decisions. 67% say they recommend brands that behave responsibly. – Ethical Fashion Forum – The Future of Fashion in Facts and Figures. The […]

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