EDGE at Invierno Fashion Show

For the up and coming fashion designer visibility and exposure comes in all shapes and sizes and is the first step in communicating their vision.  The Black Board Gallery [Camarillo, California] Invierno fashion show presented a big package of talent on an unpretentious, humbling scale.  This was not the mega “fashion week” exhibition nor did it pretend to be, but what it gave us was a quality show with a mix of emerging designers, artists, intimate pre and post reception in an art gallery setting.

EDGE sees the art gallery venue as a new era of exposition for emerging designers.  This Madrid inspired fashion show, “Invierno”, showcased 11 local and regional designers – Alexis Evelyn; Deborah Jarchow; Patrick Fisher; Ricardo Rubio Design; Smadar Knobler; Unzicker Design [see May 2014 archives, EDGE Talks To Unzicker Design]; Vintage Manifesto; Ana Parkinson; Cheryl Huddleston; Jo Ann Page Leather; Studio ildiko. Congratulations to the designers, Karin Geiger – Executive Director, Dania Gutierrez – Executive Assistant, and to all those involved with the show.

The “Look” of the Event, enjoy:

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Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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