EDGE at Invierno Fashion Show

For the up-and-coming fashion designer visibility and exposure comes in all shapes and sizes and is the first step in communicating their vision. The Black Board Gallery [Camarillo, California] Invierno fashion show presented a big package of talent on an unpretentious, humbling scale. This was not the mega “fashion week” exhibition nor did it pretend to be, but what it gave us was a quality show with a mix of emerging designers, artists, intimate pre and post reception in an art gallery setting.

EDGE sees the art gallery venue as a new era of exposition for emerging designers.  This Madrid inspired fashion show, “Invierno”, showcased 11 local and regional designers – Alexis Evelyn; Deborah Jarchow; Patrick Fisher; Ricardo Rubio Design; Smadar Knobler; Unzicker Design [see May 2014 archives, EDGE Talks To Unzicker Design]; Vintage Manifesto; Ana Parkinson; Cheryl Huddleston; Jo Ann Page Leather; Studio ildiko. Congratulations to the designers, Karin Geiger – Executive Director, Dania Gutierrez – Executive Assistant, and to all those involved with the show.




Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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