EDGE at Metamorphosis Fashion Show

Emerging designers emerged out of The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles annual student fashion show.  Presented in an industrial setting, Hangar 8 Santa Monica Airport, the Metamorphosis fashion show rocked with each designer’s cohesive collection and attention to detail.  Produced by the fashion marketing and design students the spirit of the show was of technicality, boldness, and innovation.

Metamorphosis – a transformation from concept to completion.  EDGE congratulates the 4 graduating seniors that took this journey – Alia Adel, Laura Adams, Cristina Gallardo-Garcia, and Daisy Fofie.

Daisy Fofie, Designer
Daisy Fofie, Designer

From a a panel of esteemed industry judges, the event recognized the achievements of all 4 graduating seniors and awarded Daisy Fofie as the graduating designer of best in show and most wearable designs.

The event was peppered with other emerging designers, industry VIP’s, and a scene of fashion aficionados.  A host of contributing sponsors included Harbinger LA – The Art Institute LA student lifestyle magazine and SureFire – a mentoring forum where teens, girls, and young women come together for inspiration, conversation, information and empowerment.

Metamorphosis Fashion Event

The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles, like many creative academic institutions around the world, provides an artistic soul in educating up and coming talent.  The institution’s mission and the contribution from those graduates feed the creative communities and inspire innovation for years to come.

Rhonda P. Hill and Daisy Fofie 2014 | Art Institute of California, ©Rhonda P. Hill
Rhonda P. Hill and Daisy Fofie 2014 | Art Institute of California



Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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