EDGE talks to DVF Brand Ambassador Candidate | Alexis Evelyn Marcy

EDGE talks to Diane von Furstenberg Brand Ambassador candidate, Alexis Evelyn Marcy.

Have you seen the exciting new show, House of DVF, on E! TV?  Diane von Furstenberg’s new reality show [in its second season] is looking for young women between ages 20-25 who are interested in learning the ins and outs of the fashion industry.  Alexis Evelyn, fashion designer of Los Angeles, is one of those candidates.  EDGE connected with Alexis at the Invierno Fashion Show, last November, and is proud to see her as a candidate in the second season. Alexis shares with EDGE her House of DVF experience.

Rhonda with Alexis Evelyn
Rhonda with Alexis Evelyn | Invierno Fashion Show

RPHill:   Alexis, how exciting to see your fashion design career gets this kind of exposure. Tell us about how you started the journey to become the next DVF Brand Ambassador, how did you go about applying?
AE:  I read about this opportunity through Woodbury University ’s E-newsletter sent to current students and alumni. I was reviewing the updates and saw the DVF casting at the end of page. I read over the rules and thought it was the perfect opportunity for me! There was a long on-line application filled with questions about my experience in the fashion industry and questions about my personality. I also had to submit 2 pictures of myself along with example of my work. After about 30 minutes of entering my answers I hit submit and waited to hear back from the casting team! The following day I received an email saying I have moved on to the next casting level and needed to submit a 5 minute video answering a list of questions they have given us. I was very nervous at this point and started brainstorming clever ways to present myself. I love Victoria Beckham so I was inspired to do a video similar to her ‘73 Question from Vogue’ my video seen here:

The video was taken at the shop I currently teach at called Common Thread Studio. My sister, Maxine, taped the video and asked me the questions. I submitted the video to the DVF casting team and a little after I received an email about the live interviews! At this point I was ecstatic and decided to research and work on my portfolio until the interview day.

AlexisEvelyn_DVF4RPHill: How many candidates were there initially? What did you have to do to prepare?
AE: I am not exactly sure how many were there, but a lot of girls turned away the day of the live interview because they didn’t have enough time to meet with everyone. Luckily I was one of the few to interview with the recent winner of the show, Brittany Hampton. To prepare I had researched what a “Brand Ambassador” truly means and how I could present myself to be the best candidate for the show. I wore a dress I have created that was influenced from DVF prints along with bringing my portfolio with all my work and resume.

RPHill:The show is about my fashion world and while it is entertaining and informative, I will also continue to provide empowering message to a generation of young women.” – Diane von Furstenberg.
Alexis what did you learn from the show and from Diane?
AE: I have learned a lot from Diane in the brief time that I met her.  She showed that we all have strong potential and even if this show doesn’t work out, there is a reason we have gone this far and to take as many opportunities as we can to succeed in fashion and in life. Being the cliché fashionista will only get you so far in life, but if you stay humble and true to yourself and work hard your dreams will become reality. The show proves that it’s not all ‘glitz and glamour’ its long hours, hard work and dedication.


RPHill:  As an up and coming designer, how will this experience impact your business – your marketing efforts, design process, and running the business side of fashion?
AE: After the interview and seeing the portfolios of the other talented girls it made me want to step my game up and work harder on my 1st impression to others. I want to perfect my resume and add/take away from my current portfolio.  It’s important to market yourself in the best way possible. I always make sure to wear the dresses I have created to interviews or fashion shows because that gives people a chance to see my work. I am learning more and more each day about the importance of social media and making sure to keep my fans updated with what’s going on in my fashion world.

Alexis Evelyn, designs
Alexis Evelyn, designs

RPHill:   After this fascinating experience, what’s next?
AE:   This opportunity has really given me the boost to pursue my career full force! I am working on sketching new looks, sourcing fabrics and creating patterns.  My plan is to have a new collection to shoot a professional look book along with doing a few fashion shows to get my name out there.  I also want to continue teaching sewing classes and look forward to possibly starting my own sewing program.  I am lucky to have the opportunity to move to London mid-April so I am hoping this will be a great new chapter in my life!

Alexis Evelyn, designs

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EDGE congratulates Alexis Evelyn on her journey so far and extends continued success for the future!
Thank you!

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