Zero Waste | Adding Value Through Sustainable Fashion

For me it was all a bit of an experiment – my end game is to empower people and help create opportunities for a better life for them, but I also strongly believe that fashion offers a massive opportunity, and there is space to produce beautifully designed and cut pieces that are on trend and desirable by global audiences. I have big ambitions and I’d love to touch as many lives as possible in a positive, if tiny, way.
–  Paola Masperi, founder of Mayamiko 

Mayamiko [based in Malawi, Africa] represents a sustainable fashion practice while keeping the integrity of design.  Green fashion can be so chic.

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In a recent interview, Paola Masperi, shared her brand’s commitment and contribution to zero waste.  Here is what she had to say:

“As for environmental contribution, we source everything locally essentially having a carbon neutral position. We are too small for certification but working towards that.  Additionally the positive economic impact is multiplied in the community.  Shipments out of Malawi are sent with DHL which had a climate neutral strategy – this is why we chose them as shipping partners.

Additionally we are completely zero waste. We recycle every bit of material we have left, any unsold items are up-cycled into new products or we create items for the community ie fabric balls for local schools, bunting, school uniforms, etc.  But in general we try to produce just in time so there is no wastage.

We recycle rainwater for washing and workshop needs. We grow our own crops for the workshop staff meals.

We are pretty sustainable and low impact in general!”

More on sustainable fashion at sustainable EDGE.

Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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