‘Game Over! Press Start!’ | EDGE Interviews Nga Wun(Kitty) Mok

It’s difficult to find a balance between the creativity side and the commercial side of design, but I think that’s the role of a fashion designer. – NGA WUN [Kitty] Mok, designer.

The game is just beginning for a new crop of emerging designers. NGA WUN [Kitty] Mok represents this new generation of designers who have the drive, confidence, and courage to apply an artistic, bold, and innovative approach to their designs while offering market right fashion for the consumer. They want to achieve commercial success but not at the expense of compromising creative integrity.

EDGE interviews Kitty.  What you will read is that Kitty is no nonsense, clear about her vision and how she is going to get there.  She acknowledges that her university education [graduate of Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, England]  did not teach her what she really needs to know to build a fashion brand, but Kitty has a plan.

The artistic look in her collection makes a standout statement in any fashion arena.  Her whimsical, lighthearted designs are at the core of what inspires her.  She is on the EDGE radar because  of her attention to detail, innovative mindset, and dynamic [no fear] use of color.  Kitty gives us the unexpected and we congratulate her!

Nottingham_Trent_University_72dpi_141Kitty, as a recent graduate of Nottingham Trent University, class of 2014, what are you plans in pursuing a fashion design career?

As a fashion designer, I think it is important to understand what consumers want. I would like my design to be creative and innovative, yet fit into the market. It’s difficult to find a balance between the creativity side and the commercial side of design, but I think that’s the role of a fashion designer.

At this moment, I would like to get more working experience in the fashion industry, as well as to gain more resources and networks. I will continue to explore more about creative design as well as surface textile and technique as these are what I am interested. Also, I would like to get some training and experience about the business of fashion. I hope I can set up my own fashion label in the near future.

Nottingham_Trent_University_72dpi_144Was the training in both the design and the business of fashion adequate? Do you feel that it has prepared you for today’s fashion industry or is it too soon to tell?

I think the training in both the design and the business is insufficient. I found that the design and business practice in nowadays fashion industry is so much different from the study in school. I think it will be a better way to learn from real experience, that’s why I am now absorbing new knowledge and experience in both design and the business of fashion before I am confident to set up my own fashion business.

Nottingham_Trent_University_72dpi_143What is your first memory of fashion?

My first memory of fashion is from the high-waisted denim pants and track jacket that my mother always wore when I was a child and that became my first impression of fashion.

Nottingham_Trent_University_72dpi_142Your graduating collection was inspired by arcade games that were so popular from the 1970s to the mid-1990s. It is clear from that collection that your approach to fashion is artistic, innovative, and you create with “out of the box” thinking. Plus, you have no fear with color. Don’t ever lose that! Please, share your thoughts on developing that collection.

I am always inspired by something interesting and fun. My initial inspiration of ‘GAME OVER! PRESS START!’ collection was from French artist Invader’s street art in Paris. I started to explore the arcade game culture in the 80s. I was interested in the colours and the pixelated format of the arcade games, I had also looked into the vintage TV and computer error and from that I generated lots of colourful and bold print ideas. I aim to be playful in combining colours, and innovative in developing pattern and print. I want to create individual print fabrics and explore unique surface design on my garments. Also, I would like my design to create a dynamic and cheerful flavour that always brightens wearers’ eyes.

Well, you certainly have presented a playful mix of colour and pattern that gives an appearance of texture with this ‘arcade’ inspired line.  It’s fun.  Bravo!

Nottingham_Trent_University_72dpi_140What past or current designer do you find inspiring?

In the past, I was inspired by the form and the artistry of fashion. I love Alexander McQueen’s and Viktor&Rolf ‘s work, they are always innovative and their work shows that fashion not only refers to the clothes that we are wearing, it is much more than that. Currently, I start to think and look more about the use of colour, material, detail and techniques.  I find designers, such as Peter Pilotto, Steven Tai, Josep Font, and Massimo Giorgetti, very inspiring as I love their textile innovation and craftsmanship.

Nottingham_Trent_University_72dpi_139Product placement on celebrities is any designer’s wish or can be seen as the ultimate means of exposure. Who would you want wearing your designs that could ultimately express or communicate the vision for your work?

I aim to create clothing for young individuals who are fun, playful and energetic. I think fashion models such as Cara Delevingne, Yumi Lambert, and Lindsey Wixson will be good faces to express and communicate the vision of my work.  I personally love Susie Bubble.  I love her personal style, she looks young and vigorous, and I am sure she is a colour lover as well.

One word to describe today’s fashion.


EDGE congratulates you, Nga Wun (Kitty) Mok, on your journey so far and extends continued success for the future!
Thank you!

Photography | Catwalk Shoot:  Courtesy of Nga Wun(Kitty) Mok; 
Magazine Shoot: 
Photography by Nale Michela
Styling by Georgina George
Model: Iona
Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor