Fashion Week, A Call To Action. 13 ‘Must Consider’ Tips

Don’t let Fashion Week play you. What you should get out of Fashion Week.
  • A 20 minute catwalk gets you what?  You pay to play.
  • Think about what you want out of it [the return on your investment] and don’t settle.
  • You should want orders, press, interviews, and dialogue about your collection/your work.
  • Social Media buzz does not sustain your business.
  • Stay true to your media outlet and give us depth in your journalism.
  • The fashion industry needs bold honesty, go for it!
  • You must contribute, more than just an Instagram post!
  • Write, give constructive feedback, share.
  • Success and future repeat will rely on your organized, timely, and engaging production.
  • Give substance!  More than just the runway show, offer press and designer interview time. How about a designer & press lounge?
  • Panel discussions, talks. . .engagement is key.  The audience?  Pay more attention to the buyers.
  • If you are treated like herd of cattle, leave, don’t attend!
  • VIP’s/Celebs – walk your Red Carpet, but graciously let the light shine on the design talent.

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Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor