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Ethical Fashion Forum:
From recycled fibres to food waste to disposable textiles, Dr Kate Goldsworthy shares some of her top picks for the most exciting and innovative textiles that we could soon be seeing on runways.

Dr Kate Goldsworthy is Reader in Circular Textile Design at University of the Arts London, where she is a lead researcher in TED, at the Textile Futures research Centre (TFRC).

Kate’s approach is to bridge materials sciences and design through the production of design artefacts and models. Her new Laser Finishing process, developed during her doctorate, enables fully closed-loop recycling of polyester fibres at end of life, and has been exhibited internationally.

One of the 5 innovative fabrics – Recover

The Recover Upcycled Textile System regenerates cotton fibre from old clothing and cutting scraps. Recover cotton is produced using none of the water and toxic chemicals required for conventional cotton fibre.

Kate likes this because “it represents a real step change in mechanical recycling. They can produce quality material from waste cotton fibres and remove harmful impacts at all stages of production. One of the most exciting innovations is in the way they can mix pantone-accurate colours like mixing paint to create new tones from waste fibres. No additional dye is needed. Brilliant.”

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[feature image: Cindy Ceballos]

Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor