The EDGE Lookbook | Richard Hallmarq at Style Fashion Week

The acclaimed designer, Richard Hallmarq, known for his star-making fame on Project Runway Season 11, presents his F/W 2017 collection at Style Fashion Week LA.

Richard’s item driven line are vital elements of fashion with a fresh design – an upside down hoodie, a yoga knit dress, an oversized copper metallic sweatshirt, and both the grey wool and wedding coats . . .all a reason to buy.  The EDGE perspective:  a playful and wearable collection with pieces that should hang around in your closet.  A wardrobe with longevity gives you no reason to wear a few times and discard.

#StyleFW by © 2017 Albert Evangelista Photography (Instagram/Twitter: @aarree)

#StyleFW by © 2017 Albert Evangelista Photography (Instagram/Twitter: @aarree)

photo credit: #StyleFW by © 2017 Albert Evangelista Photography (Instagram/Twitter: @aarree)

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Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor