How Important is Sketching in Design?

Tapping into your audience/client at key points during the design process can save you a lot of disappointment of the ‘big reveal’ at the end. Consider this your focus group/feedback session.

Sketches really help you “sell” your designs to the clients. – Icon Utopia

Designers, the entire design process is of such meaning to your clients.  Don’t take this for granted.

This particularly benefits those designers and brands that have long term relationships, have built designer/client partnerships, and/or clients that “pay the bills”.  Your clients feel more engaged and committed to the final outcome when they are part of the process early on.  Involving your clients in the conceptual phase of sketching, communicates your design intent and gives you control over their acceptance of the end result, lessening any chances of ‘no interest’. Within the sketching phase, you are able to make revisions and corrections, that save you time compared to the hours of time spent on those changes in Photoshop.

With all the hours spent in the design phase of product development, it’s re-assuring that your are headed in the right direction when engaging your client in the process.

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Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor