GAiETY uP | EDGE Talks to Patrick Kevin Francisco

If there’s a word to describe “GAiETY uP” it would be EXUBERANT – Patrick Kevin Francisco

Patrick Kevin Francisco has been on the EDGE Radar for some time and is definitely an up and coming designer to watch.  A fashion show award winner and recent graduate from the Art Institute of California – Hollywood, he shows a promising career with his fearless and bold designs.  His collections create excitement and anticipation on what you are going to see down the runway. I look forward to his work because his creative hand is not restrained or expected.  Patrick just may be a game changer in today’s modern fashion.

He showcased his recent collection, called GAiETY uP, at the Art Institute of California’s annual student fashion show – The Art of Transformation Defined by You. Transformation he did.  He wanted to experiment and try something different than his prior collections of evening looks that were “very monochromatic”.  He says this line represents street-wear/sportswear; “it’s the feeling of being excited, bold, and fun. If there’s a word to describe “GAiETY uP” it would be EXUBERANT”.

Before I start sketching I need to be in the mood first. The Arts, like music and photography, is very important to me and to my process.

Fashion history preempts the present and it resides in a new derivative in the present. With the right design talent and imagination, fashion can give us the unexpected, the ‘wow’ factor, and the connection on an emotional level.  That’s what art is and fashion is a powerful art form of expression. With Patrick’s artistic approach, he builds a thoroughly researched mood board, “before I start sketching I need to be in the mood first. Which means I probably looked at least 10 magazines, I already have 100 photos in my Pinterest board, and I already have the music in my mind for the runway”.

I asked Patrick who does he see wearing his designs, his response, “I do not have someone particular in my mind but for sure she is dauntless”. But, of course!


Why should we be engaged?  Exuberance!

What’s next for Patrick, what are his career plans?  “I want to expand my knowledge in fashion. I’m really interested in textiles so that is something I might pursue in the future. Right now I’m taking it day by day. If there’s an offer for a job that I like, I might consider”.

Congratulations, Patrick, and EDGE wishes you continued success.

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Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor