Transparency | 79% of Consumers Want It

Four in five (79%) think clothing brands should provide information on their environmental commitments. Spanish and Italian consumers are more likely than average to think this.

A new Ipsos MORI poll on behalf of the Changing Markets Foundation and Clean Clothes Campaign has found that the majority of consumers want more transparency and information from fashion brands on their commitment to sustainability, in relation to both environmental and social issues. These findings are the result of a comprehensive survey, with over 1,000 interviews carried out, October 2018, in each of seven participating countries – which include the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK. Participants, adults aged 16-75, were asked to share their public perceptions on environmental and labor issues within the fashion industry and the supply chains of clothing brands.

Questions were related to how people purchase their clothes, and the choices they make relating to sustainability; perceptions of sustainability issues within the fashion industry, and the supply chains of clothing brands; views on workers rights and pay in the garment manufacturing industry; specific views on the use of Viscose in the clothes manufacturing process; and views on current and alternative clothes certification schemes.

Data highlights regarding environmental concerns:

  • 56% of consumers would be put off buying from a brand that was associated with pollution in its manufacturing process.  Those in France, Italy and Spain would be significantly more likely than the average to say this – while those in Germany, USA and Poland are less likely to be put off buying from a brand that was associated with pollution in its manufacturing process.
  • 46% of consumers feel that the manufacturing of the clothes they purchase is harming the environment. Concern is particularly high among Spanish consumers (62%) and the French (51%). Those in the USA, UK, and Germany are all significantly less likely to say that they are concerned than the overall group of seven.
  • 38% of consumers have undertaken some form of sustainable action in the past year.  Italians are most likely to have bought clothes made from sustainable materials.
5 Carlos Place/ Frieze L.A. 2019 |
London based 5 Carlos Place/ pop-up installation at Frieze Art Fair Los Angeles | Paramount Pictures Studios backlot

This landmark survey highlights lack of trust in the information provided by fashion giants.  For more on the survey, click on the sources below.


Images:  a new retail experience, 5 Carlos Place/, who promote sustainable practices, partnered with Frieze Art Fair Los Angeles exhibiting a concept pop-up shop on the backlot of Paramount Pictures Studios as part of Frieze’s ‘Backlot Frieze Projects’ experience.