Tactile: A Look at CHERESHNIVSKA


What?  BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit – a circular fashion focus

Where? Ukrainian Fashion Week No Season 2021

Why designs by CHERESHNIVSKA matter?

Fashion design with artistic value and a sustainable practice go hand in hand, they are not exclusive of each other.  Investment and longevity are built into the design which preserves a longer life-cycle within the framework of a circular system.

Inspired by artist Paul Neagu’s work who believed that art could be conveyed and perceived not only visually but also by touch, CHERESHNIVSKA sets the tone for a sustainable collection.  Much of Neagu’s works were related to the human form, using organic, cell-like motifs.  CHERESHNIVSKA’s designer, Belarusian artist Anastasiya Rozova, uses old stock, second-hand items, and vintage fabrics for her materials. She says, “we selected a combination of fabrics specifically to evoke a variety of tactile sensations”.  “That is why the collection is full of shapes and structures, created by puffed knitted sweaters, hyperbolized folds, square-shaped slits and prints.”  Artist Rozova creates hand-drawn prints for each collection.

Photos: courtesy of Ukrainian Fashion Week No Season 2021.


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Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor