Cycle: A Look at POSTUSHNA Re-Fashion for DHL

Who? POSTUSHNA Re-Fashion for DHL

What?  BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit – a circular fashion focus

Where? Ukrainian Fashion Week No Season 2021

Why designs by POSTUSHNA matter?

POSTUSHNA Re-Fashion for DHL | Ukrainian Fashion Week No Season 2021

DHL Express Ukraine and designer Yulia Postushnaya, of brand POSTUSHNA, collaborated to present an upcycling collection made from used DHL uniforms. The collection is designed to show the public, businesses, and government what can be done to unused work uniforms.  This cycle of utilization is an example of upcycling or re-fashioning unwanted items back into a circular fashion system, keeping textiles out of the landfill.

Yulia Postushnaya statement:

“This upcycling collection was inspired by the ever-moving modern metropolis. The bright flashes of yellow lights in the windows of high-rises and the ever-red traffic lights of night avenues and intersections of a big city are setting the general tone of the collection. A ‘feel and do’ approach encouraged me to go beyond the boundaries of acceptable forms which gave me an understanding of how exactly I could use materials to convey the aesthetics of a modern metropolis by and large.”

DHL Express Ukraine, an official partner of BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit, supports young designers in their desire to create new responsible fashion. DHL has set a goal to eliminate completely harmful emissions from logistics by 2050.

Photos by Vladimyr Bosak, courtesy of Ukrainian Fashion Week No Season 2021.

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Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor