“My Haters Are Like Stars. . .”: A Look at designs by Larissa Pascale Binder

Who?  Larissa Pascale Binder

What?  Neo.Fashion.Graduate Shows and Awards

Where?  Berlin Fashion Week

Why designs by Larissa Pascale Binder matter?

Larissa Pascale Binder, designer | Photo by Robert Schlesinger/Getty Images for Neo.Fashion.

Larissa Pascale Binder developed the collection, “my haters are like stars – nobody can count them”, after being moved by two events in 2020:  the demonstrations after the death of George Floyd; and seeing garments lying in the street like piles of rubbish in the “capital of fashion”, Paris.

Events as in George Floyd and the ‘rubbish’ can serve as a creative resource. “my haters” collection examines the injustices to marginalized communities, anxieties over the environmental crisis, and fears about the future. Through her composition, Binder communicates resistance that can be done uniformly with complementary color fields, harmoniously opening up her use of texture, shapes, and pattern in materials. The overall look gives you a sense of THIS IS NOT RIGHT.  It may read we are destined to a future of apocalyptic societal behavior to each other and to the earth.

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“A Look at EDGE” curates a select few of Neo.Fashion.21 designers whose collections make socially relevant statements and offer storytelling through a fashion lens we don’t often see.  By putting art and creativity first, Binder opens up a meaningful dialogue regarding harm to people and the planet.  In this example, fashion can be viewed more that just a consumptive object.  One that sends a clear message of purpose, while taking us to an imaginative artistic state.

Larissa Pascale Binder | Photo by Robert Schlesinger/Getty Images for Neo.Fashion.
Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor