The power of fashion lies in its ability to transform identity and culture. Fashion, like art, embodies the time we live in and society bears witness to the interpretation of its historical and cultural significance. 

-RP Hill

Since its inception in 2014, E D G E Fashion Intelligence has built a vibrant network and database of international industry professionals.  The E D G E brand exposure has an engaging audience leveraging the right connections with key players in the industry.  The website,, has published over 300 content rich editorials reaching an audience from all parts of the globe with 62.4% of viewers from the following countries:  United States 37%; United Kingdom 11%; Australia 5.8%; Canada 4.3%; India 4.3% – non U.S. viewers represent 63%.  The top category and interest is sustainable EDGE, with the top article, over a 150,000 views to date, Fashion Industry Environmental, Waste, and Recycle Statistics.

The EDGE network connects through exposure, exhibition, editorial, and education – The 4 E’s.  The 4 E’s summarize the EDGE vision and progress to date.

1. EXPOSURE – EDGExposition presents the opportunity for emerging designers to gain exposure through cultural networks, fashion/industry events, and internet media exposure. E D G E is on the scene covering these events.  EDGE Radar designer and industry professional “talks” are the centerpiece of the E D G E platform.

2. EXHIBITION – E D G E champions designer exhibitions in gallery and art institutions; collaborates, sponsors, and participates in ‘the arts’ exhibitions, while combining the E D G E fashion network.  Rhonda, as fashion curator, offers a glimpse into an ongoing curatorial project dedicated to exposing the work of the under-represented in art-exhibition venues. The first glimpse, Blurred Boundaries: Fashion as an Art, was categorized as a museum quality exhibit.

3. EDITORIAL – provides industry market information; statistics; opinions; stories and insights; links to industry business resources. It serves a niche market in the need for fashion intelligence – a collection of data, reports, suggested resources, industry interviews – with a means of connection for those new to the industry and a resource for the academic community.

4. EDUCATION – to complement academic studies and viewer interest, the website EDGE-ucation category provides tools, reports, resources, and professional business tips from experience based best practices and expertise. The popular FAQ series responds to frequently asked questions and guide for further research, and unknown facts can be found in “Fashion Unknown Fact” articles.  In addition, EDGE Remembers are untold stories of fashion’s history, a void in fashion education and academia.

Gallery | EDGExpo

Rhonda P. Hill Front Row at LA Fashion Week VIP Guest of designer Bishme Cromartie, copyright Rhonda P. Hill
Rhonda P. Hill Front Row at LA Fashion Week VIP Guest of designer Bishme Cromartie, courtesy of

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