The Oxymoron in “China: Through the Looking Glass”

As an artist slowly venturing herself into the mystical energy of Yin and Yang, the dualities of life and fascinating traditions of calligraphy and ink painting, I can’t help but to use this lens to analyze the latest exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC on China. The Met’s “China: Through the Looking Glass” should […]

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Empowerment – Taking Charge | A Graduation Message

Artist Teresita Fernandez once said, You don’t need a lot of friends or curators or patrons or a huge following, just a few that really believe in you. Graduates of all vocations, yet particularly those of the arts, don’t wait for one or two years to truly own your life, empower yourselves now!  Whether it is […]

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Look at EDGE

Lessons learned from Fashion Week LA

It was my first time participating at a fashion week event. I am Si Jie Loo, a visual and performing artist, and a new contributor of the EDGE team.  I owed it to EDGE for allowing me to assist in viewing and identifying innovative designers and see the nitty-gritty of carrying out fashion shows. There’s […]

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