Fashion Connection with Michelle Hébert

Michelle Hébert at Studio Channel Islands Art Center Fashion Show

As a very talented designer, Michelle Hébert truly defines how fashion is art and art is fashion.  Her design vision is seamless, dramatic, yet wearable.

I recently had a phone conversation with her to get her feedback on EDGE and how fashion designers can expose their brands and connect with retailers.  As an up-and-coming brand, Michelle Hébert is interested in those fashion exchanges and connections that are direct to the industry professionals, the buyers.  She says the challenge is “buyers realize that we are emerging designers, they already know the difficulty in meeting their numbers, such as minimum orders”.  She went on to comment on how buyers place slight demands on altering the collection, requesting different colors and sizes for their specific consumer.

Michelle Hebert PROMO PHOTO-1
Michelle is very optimistic in growing her business and is very invested in social media.  As many ‘eyes’ on her work as possible the better.  Michelle, like many designers, is looking for wherever she can get the most exposure to the retailer, whether it is a local trade exchange or travel globally to that exchange.  She is also interested in designer studios or showrooms that are open to the industry.  What sounds like a unique experience would be a fashion exhibition at an art gallery or museum with industry professionals as attendees.

E D G E believes in unique fashion exchange experiences. Why not offer something different?  Why not create a unique venue or exchange for this under-represented market?
Stay tuned for more talks. . . are you part of the E D G E movement?

Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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