Slow Fashion, The Anti-Trend

I’m always wishing that the clothing industry might find its way toward a less petrochemical line of production, says Andre Walker, designer

i-D magazine, Steve Salter

SALE, SALE, CLEARANCE!  Consumers are not interested.
SALE, SALE, CLEARANCE! Consumers are not interested.

As the founder and principal of EDGE, I concur with Andre’s statement and see that Americans have become too obsessed with fast, cheap fashion that’s a continual stream of sameness. The fashion industry has become a victim to a disposable society who gives less value to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. Today’s trendy must-haves become tomorrow’s cast-offs. What’s disappointing is that this fast and excessive market erodes the desire because of the overexposure.

Fashion History The American System For Fashion -
Fashion History The American System For Fashion –
Chicago Fashion Design Center

EDGE is a platform, philosophy, and vision for support of those fashion creators [brands and designers] that push the boundaries to bring meaningful and unique collections to the market.  Their pieces tell stories behind their creations, are conversation pieces, environmentally conscious, and have longevity.


The fashion industry is stagnant but there is new blood [EDGE] out there.

Most of us did not live through the times when fashion was largely a designer-centered, custom-made business. By the end of the 20th century, new technologies and mass manufacturing led to the rise of the current industry as we know it today – MASSIVE, EXCESSIVE, and more of THE SAME.  The designer-led, creative component has become less important.  This alternative movement of Slow Fashion is bringing back to the forefront the individual artisan and independent retailer.

Ghina Maalouf, Contribitor
Ghina Maalouf, Contribitor,


Feature Image:  sustainable fashion, Bead & Reel, an ethical boutique | photo Cindy Ceballos

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